Power through Movement Day Retreat

Saturday 20 May, 10am-5.30pm (registration 9.30am)

Find your flow, unlock your body and mind. Connect to self and release anxiety and inhibitions with a variety of unique mini workshops that will transform you.

Discover confidence and enjoyment of movement, enriching the soul and releasing the mind. Master teachers with years of expertise have tailored their skills to create a joyous journey with music and movement.

Norma Richardson Hall
St Mary’s Church
15 Buckland St, Woodend

Early bird all day (until 31 March): $85 (save 15%)

Morning only (2 workshops – Guided meditation, Skills for optimising performance – 9.30am-12.15pm): $45

Afternoon only (2 workshops – Expressive movement, Improvisation to Arabic drum – 1.30-4.45pm): $70

All day: $100


Guided meditation for self connection with Robyn Joore

Meditation is an ancient method of self-healing and freeing the mind of blocks that prevent you from reaching your full potential. By unblocking pathways and connecting to your higher self you will find that your outlook on life becomes more positive and your ability to cope with the trials you face in daily life improves. Meditation is the first step on the pathway to reclaiming your inner peace.

In this workshop we will work towards directing your creative energy to revealing the dancer within.

Skills and drills for optimising performance with Trisnasari Fraser

Self-expression can be highly fulfilling, but so often we are hindered by our inner critic. This workshop explores strategies to manage anxiety and blocks, whether you seek to express yourself through dance, music, theatre, literature or visual arts; for an audience or just for yourself.

Practice drills to manage adrenaline, calm your mind, engage in positive self-talk and create rituals to optimise performance. Learn how to create an environment and form habits to ensure you perform at your best.

Expressive movement – evoking sensations with Debra Ford

Allowing self-expression enhances self-esteem thus increasing a sense of fulfilment using the unique power of the Arts. Arts such as music, theatre, visual arts, literature, singing and dance connect us with our core identity and with those around us. Music by-passes verbal expression, by engaging our emotions through movement and unlocking memories stored in our body. The way we move in every day life is reflective of what we have stored from profound emotional influences. Movement within human nature has been discovered as the most primal form of communication among different cultures.

Explore the release of emotions through unlocking the body and joints creating new pathways for new opportunities for the future.

In this workshop we will be using the art of music and dance as a tool to aid the body to ‘move/dance’ our emotions, to absorb ourselves in the music and allow our bodies to be nourished and rejuvenated.

Improvisation to Arabic drum with Virginia Masri

Belly dance transcends borders and the attraction to the rich, polyrhythmic music is innately primal. The rhythm is the heartbeat of the music and with understanding the structure we can achieve flow and confidently dance using improvisation.

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL due to density limits as per Covid restrictions