Class update

This week (28th Mar) concludes our short belly dance course; Term 1 has been a fun term.  It was so pleasing to see so many new and enthusiastic ladies coming along to the Gisborne, Woodend and Bacchus Marsh classes.

I welcome you to Mystical Rose Belly Dance and look forward to designing classes for the many body shapes and fitness levels, including those with medical conditions and past injuries or weakened areas.

I applaud a special lady who is so excited to come to class; she is battling Parkinson’s and enjoys the class with the movements that I have modified for her.  Read her testimonial:  You certainly have got me moving during the time I’ve been coming to belly dancing.  I know I don’t always get the moves right but you are always very patient.  The exercise and dance routines are giving me more energy and I feel better for this.

Another lady who struggles with depression and Asthma should also be applauded as she also manages to get to class most weeks and gives it her all when she is there.  She often asks me can we do more of ‘this or that’ displaying to me that she is enjoying what she is learning in bellydance.

Last but not least I want to recognise the ladies that have been regulars in my classes for many years, some of them have been coming up to 14 years.  Those students often attend offsite workshops and interstate belly dance training weekends, some of them even came to Egypt with me in 2009.

Thank you – this means that I’m still fostering a sustainable learning program.

It is so nice to hear the feedback on how and in what way physically and emotionally, how belly dance has improved your life.

My mission is to inspire you to ‘Keep trying – despite limitations’, to strive for what you want to achieve.  Through dance you can not only have a tonne of fun but you can find a sense of community and self acceptance that’s worth striving for.

On another note Term 2 will commence 24th April for 9 weeks Monday $144, no class on Queens Birthday & 10 weeks for Wednesday $160.  All details will be posted to the classes’ page once Term 1 is finished.

Registrations for Term 2 will open on 31st March.

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